Some people love to be scared silly on Halloween, but most kids and their parents just want to have a fun night where they get to see their neighbors and go wild on sugar. Follow these simple tips and your house will be a fun and safe stop on their memorable night.


Trim shrubs, clear walkways repair or remove broken boards, rusty nails, dilapidated tree houses – these are all potentially harmful and should be repaired or removed prior to Halloween night.

Once you’ve inspected your yard for any potential danger zones, don’t forget to add an element of fun to your yard – that’s what Halloween is all about! Deck out your property with themed twinkle lights, scarecrows, Jack-o-Lanterns, or even a haunted house. It doesn’t take much to become the house on the block that everyone wants to visit this season!


If you are planning on staying in and waiting eagerly at the door to give out some sweets to trick or treaters, then, as silly as it sounds, you need to consider the health implications of certain sweets for some children. For instance, avoid using any sweet that has a high nut content. Nut allergies are more common than you think, especially among children, therefore only choose sweets that are highly known as being safe to eat by all, and don’t give out too much.


Whilst a dimly lit exterior may add to the overall spooky atmosphere of Halloween, it also highly increases the chances of injury on your property. Make sure that all of your exterior lights are switched on, and if you don’t have any, try buy a few cheap lanterns to light up the main walkway to your home. As well as safety for the trick or treaters, lighting up your home also acts as a deterrent from any trouble makers looking to damage property. Also, avoid using Candles. By using battery powered candle substitutes, you’ll be reducing the possibility of fire damage.


Not only may trouble makers tease pets, but it is in the pet’s best interest to be inside. Even friendly pets can become a handful when costumed kids keep showing up at the door and you never know what trick or treater might be allergic to cats or dogs.


Ultimately, Halloween is about having fun and there’s no reason you can’t join in. Get creative and make a costume, or just throw on a pair of cat ears or a pointy hat. As soon as you put on that costume, you’ll start feeling the Halloween spirit and that will certainly spread to your neighbors and friends.