I’ve gotten some great feedback on our #BeyondTheInspection posts on my Facebook and Instagram pages (@askdebbiej)! Here are a few more sometimes overlooked details to consider adding to your homebuyer checklist:

Driveway length and width:

It seems silly to even consider this — until you buy a house and realize your car won’t fit in the ridiculously narrow driveway, or you have to shovel that extra-long driveway after a mega snow storm. (The too-narrow driveway? Yep, that’s a thing.)

Staircase steepness and length:

You may not have the slightest problem with stairs — but this is one of those times it’s helpful to think about the future. If you think you might ever want or need to take in an elderly relative, or you plan to age in place, a long, steep staircase may not be the best feature.

Ceiling height:

Some basement and attic rooms have less than adequate ceiling heights. If someone in your household is tall, bring him or her along to the open house to make sure the fit in all the rooms is comfortable.

Zoning and town ordinances for animals:

Have a notion that you may one day want backyard chickens or another unconventional pet? Check local ordinances before committing to a house, or you may never get the pets you have your heart set on.

Closeness of neighbors:

Though the general area (city versus suburb) has much to do with how close your neighbors are, there can still be a big difference between how private one house feels over another. If privacy is important to you, be sure to check the views from every window and walk the perimeter of the property to get an idea of how close you will be to your next-door neighbors.

Indoor-outdoor flow:

The ease with which you can move from indoor to outdoor living areas and back again can make a huge difference in your day-to-day experience of living in a home. If this is important to you, look for French, sliding or accordion glass doors leading from the main living spaces to the outdoors.

You’ve got the list, now it’s time for a Realtor! Fill out the contact form to the right of this article and let’s make “moves” together!